Shell Seals a Significant LNG Deal with QatarEnergy for the Netherlands

Shell Seals a Significant LNG Deal with QatarEnergy for the Netherlands

Discover the details of Shell’s monumental 27-year agreement with QatarEnergy to enhance LNG supply and promote energy security in the Netherlands. Explore how this strategic partnership fosters global energy transition and bolsters long-term LNG availability.

In a noteworthy development, Shell (NYSE: SHEL) has inked a monumental deal with QatarEnergy that aims to secure up to 3.5 million tons per annum (MTPA) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the Netherlands. 

This extensive 27-year contract was finalized and signed this Wednesday, marking a significant stride in the energy sector.

Boosting the Netherlands’ LNG Imports

Commencing in 2026, QatarEnergy has committed to supply LNG to Rotterdam’s Gate import terminal, thus substantiating the import capacity of the Netherlands. 

The new agreement follows closely behind a similar pact struck between Qatar and France’s TotalEnergies SE (TTE) a week ago.

Sourcing from Expansion Projects

The LNG, crucial to this agreement, will be sourced from two paramount joint ventures between QatarEnergy and Shell. These ventures predominantly focus on Qatar’s North Field East and North Field South expansion projects, allowing a consistent and significant LNG supply source under the new contract.

Promoting Energy Transition and Security

QatarEnergy’s CEO, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, emphasized the instrumental role that the contracted LNG volumes play in fostering the energy transition and fortifying the energy security of customers. 

This mirrors the indispensable role of natural gas as a pivotal player in the global energy landscape.

Qatar’s Strategic Investments in LNG Production

Over the recent years, Qatar has channeled tens of billions of dollars into amplifying its LNG production, strategically enhancing production by 64% by 2027. 

With the inclusion of the Shell contract, the country’s committed LNG capacity is estimated to reach a substantial 18.8 MTPA.

Extensive Supply Agreements across Asia

Additionally, the past year has witnessed Qatar signing extensive long-term contracts to supply LNG from the North Field expansion projects to various buyers in Asia, including China, highlighting its pervasive and strategic expansion in the global LNG market.


In conclusion, this substantial deal between Shell and QatarEnergy signifies a remarkable advancement in securing long-term LNG supply, emphasizing the pivotal role of natural gas in bolstering energy security and facilitating a global energy transition.

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