How Airline Cabin Crews Assess Passengers Before Takeoff

How Airline Cabin Crews Assess Passengers Before Takeoff

Discover the unseen efforts of the cabin crew in ensuring passenger safety and comfort during flights. Learn how subtle assessments and vigilant observations contribute to a smooth and secure journey.

Before a plane leaves the ground, the cabin crew is hard at work ensuring the safety and comfort of every passenger on board. 

Duygu Eren Tosya, a purser at Turkish Airlines, shares some behind-the-scenes insights on the subtle assessments the cabin crew conducts during boarding, ensuring that the flight operates as smoothly as possible.

Identifying Potential Helpers in Emergencies

One of the first things the cabin crew does is identify passengers who may assist in emergencies. 

This could range from medical emergencies to handling unruly passengers. 

For instance, individuals with a robust physical stature or those who visit the gym regularly are subtly noted as potential helpers if a situation requiring physical intervention arises. 

“I remember his or her face and seat number,” says stewardess Janice Bridger, highlighting the meticulous nature of their observation.

Spotting Nervous Passengers

The crew is also adept at identifying passengers prone to nervousness or anxiety during the flight. 

By spotting signs of anxiety early on, the crew can provide reassurance and support to such passengers, helping prevent panic attacks or extreme anxiety that could affect the overall tranquility within the cabin.

Detecting Intoxication and Illness

Passenger intoxication is another crucial aspect the cabin crew monitors. Intoxicated passengers often pose problems during flights; hence, the crew ensures such individuals are closely watched. 

Nuralia Mazlan, a flight attendant at Air Asia, asserts this importance, emphasizing that such passengers are often sources of disruptions. Additionally, visibly ill passengers receive extra attention to ensure their well-being throughout the journey.

Recognizing Fellow Crew Members

Furthermore, cabin crew members are always looking for fellow professionals from their domain, even from other airlines. 

Recognizing these individuals is essential as they bring valuable expertise and are trained to manage various situations that might occur during a flight.

A Continuous Commitment to Passenger Safety

Ultimately, the priority of the cabin crew remains unchanged – ensuring that every passenger reaches their destination safely. 

“Of course, it is always the highest priority to get all passengers safely to their destination,” Tosya reiterates, emphasizing the relentless commitment of the cabin crew to passenger safety and well-being throughout every minute of the flight.


In conclusion, the next time you board a plane, remember that the observant eyes of the cabin crew are quietly and proficiently working towards making your journey as safe and comfortable as possible.

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