OKX Expands to the Netherlands, Aiming to Capture Market Share After Binance Exit

OKX Expands to the Netherlands, Aiming to Capture Market Share After Binance Exit

OKX expands to the Netherlands, offering over 150 cryptocurrencies and Web3 wallet services. A 50 Euro welcome bonus is available until July 3.

In a strategic move to capture the Dutch cryptocurrency market, OKX, the third-largest crypto exchange and a competitor to Binance, announced its expansion into the Netherlands.

This move comes after Binance’s exit from the Dutch market last year due to regulatory challenges.

With Binance out, OKX aims to fill the void and attract new users with an enticing offer.

OKX’s Strategic Entry into the Dutch Market

On June 3, OKX officially launched its centralized crypto exchange and OKX Wallet in the Netherlands.

The exchange provides Dutch customers with access to spot trading and conversion services for over 150 cryptocurrencies.

It also offers more than 60 crypto-Euro pairs, making it a comprehensive platform for crypto enthusiasts in the region.

To celebrate its launch, OKX is offering a 50 Euro welcome bonus for new signups until July 3.

This incentive is designed to attract a significant portion of the market share that Binance left behind.

Comprehensive Services and User-Friendly Features

OKX has integrated with the Netherlands’ popular online payment system, iDEAL, allowing users to deposit funds into their accounts instantly without any charges.

Additionally, users can perform deposits and withdrawals via the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) for free, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of their services.

The OKX Wallet, a key platform feature, empowers users with full custody of their crypto holdings, aligning with the growing demand for secure and self-managed crypto storage solutions.

Local Expertise and User-Centric Design

Erald Ghoos, General Manager of OKX Europe, emphasized the company’s commitment to localizing its service:

“We have hired an expert local team led by our Benelux Regional Manager Roy van Krimpen and taken the local feedback very seriously as we have designed our product here,” said Ghoos.

This local focus ensures that OKX’s offerings are tailored to meet Dutch users’ specific needs and preferences.

The Competitive Landscape Post-Binance

Since Binance’s exit in June last year, the Dutch crypto market has seen several exchanges vying for dominance.

Binance’s departure was due to its inability to meet the registration requirements to operate as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in the Netherlands.

Despite its exit, Binance has continued to engage with Dutch authorities, notably assisting in exposing a 30 million Euro online scam related to ZKasino in May.

Binance’s statement highlighted its commitment to supporting local authorities:

“Binance is proud to have supported Dutch authorities in investigating a gambling exit scam. Our Investigations team helped lead the recovery of millions of euros.”


OKX’s entry into the Dutch market marks a significant development in the European crypto landscape.

By offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies, user-friendly deposit options, and a secure Web3 wallet, OKX is poised to attract a substantial user base.

The company’s local approach, combined with strategic incentives like the 50 Euro welcome bonus, positions OKX as a formidable player in the Dutch crypto market.

With the landscape evolving rapidly, the competition between crypto exchanges will likely drive further innovation and enhanced user services, benefiting the broader crypto community in the Netherlands.

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