Outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema Calls for Ban on Puppy Yoga

Outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema Calls for Ban on Puppy Yoga

Outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema seeks to ban puppy yoga in Amsterdam, citing concerns for animal welfare. Discover more about his proposal and the ongoing debate.


In a recent development, Outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema has proposed a ban on puppy yoga sessions in Amsterdam, raising significant concerns about the welfare of young animals.

These sessions, which have gained popularity over the past few months, involve puppies running around during yoga classes, allowing participants to cuddle them afterward.

However, Adema argues that this practice harms the puppies’ development and well-being.

Concerns Over Puppy Yoga

Adema voiced his concerns following a weekly Cabinet meeting, stating:

“I do not think that is suitable. Puppies need to sleep. They are at a very early stage of their development.”

He emphasized the importance of allowing young animals to grow and develop naturally, comparing their needs to those of human babies.

“You cannot carry a baby around all day and have it do all kinds of things. They also need their sleep and rest. This is how a baby develops.”

Actions and Proposals

The minister is preparing a draft proposal to ban puppy yoga, which he hopes his successor will implement.

In the meantime, Adema urges individuals considering participation in these sessions to reconsider.

“Do you want that, or would you rather not do it? We have a responsibility towards the animals,” he said.

NVWA’s Response

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has responded to the growing popularity of puppy yoga by conducting inspections and issuing administrative fines to businesses offering such sessions.

Adema insists on a complete ban, extending to other young animals, to prevent similar practices involving kittens or other species.

Moving Forward

Adema acknowledges that implementing the new law will take time and could not provide a specific timeline for when the ban might come into effect.

However, his firm stance reflects a growing concern for animal welfare in the Netherlands.


The debate over puppy yoga highlights how we treat animals in various forms of entertainment and recreation.

As discussions continue, the focus remains on safeguarding young animals’ health and natural development and their future well-being.

Outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema’s call to action reminds us of our collective responsibility toward animals.

As the proposal progresses, monitoring how these changes impact animal welfare practices in Amsterdam and beyond will be crucial.

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