Celebrating the 100-Plus Club The Growing Trend of Centenarians in the Netherlands

Celebrating the 100-Plus Club: The Growing Trend of Centenarians in the Netherlands

Join us as we celebrate the Netherlands’ growing 100-plus club! Dive into the latest stats and stories behind the country’s booming centenarian population.

Hey everyone!

I am super excited to share some remarkable news about the senior citizens in the Netherlands. Guess what? 

The 100-plus club is growing bigger and stronger, year after year! 

Let us dive right into this fascinating trend and find out more.

Double the Joy, Double the Centenarians

So, starting with some exciting numbers — at the beginning of this year, we had a whopping 2,572 people who blew out more than a hundred candles on their birthday cake! 🎂 

Can you believe it? 

That is more than twice the number of centenarians we had 20 years ago! 

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) experts, this number will keep growing. 

We are talking over 5,000 centenarians by 2040! Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Lady Power in the 100-Plus Club

Now, here is where it gets even more interesting. 

A huge chunk of these wonderful people are women. 

In fact, out of the total number of centenarians, only 400 are men. 

The ladies are winning in the longevity game here.

Zeeland: The Centenarian’s Favourite Hangout

Oh, and speaking of where most of these fantastic centenarians reside, Zeeland is the place to be if you plan to live past 100. 

Of every 1,000 people in Zeeland who are 80 or older, 4.2 have crossed the age of 100! Flevoland is behind, too. 

However, Limburg and Noord-Brabant have fewer residents reaching that age. 

We have some preferred spots for enjoying a long, happy life, right?

How Do We Stack Up Against Other European Countries?

Now, you are curious about how we stand compared to other European countries. 

Well, I was surprised to find out that the Netherlands is doing well! 

For every 1,000 people aged 80 or older, 3 are already centenarians. 

Although we are not leading the pack (in the middle of the list in Europe), we are doing much better than many other countries. 

However, here is a fun fact: Ireland has almost five times as many centenarians as we do. 

Quite impressive.

Looking Ahead

As we wrap up, it is heartwarming to know that more and more people in the Netherlands will enjoy the beauty of growing old gracefully. 

Moreover, living past 100 means gathering many life experiences, stories, and wisdom. 

It is a true celebration of life and a testament to the Netherlands’ great living conditions and healthcare.

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