March 2024 Guide for Expats in the Netherlands

March 2024: Guide for Expats in the Netherlands

Get the inside scoop on what expats need to know for March 2024 in the Netherlands: from tax filing tips and Easter and Ramadan celebrations to Daylight Saving Time and the enchanting Keukenhof gardens.

March in the Netherlands is not just about the arrival of spring; it is a month packed with important dates, deadlines, and celebrations. 

For expats living in this vibrant country, staying informed about these key events can enrich and hassle-free your experience. 

Here is a breakdown of the five essential things you need to know for March 2024.

Important Deadlines

Let us address the elephant in the room first: tax season. Starting March 1, residents must file their tax returns for the previous year, with the deadline set for May 1. If you are self-employed or rely on accountants or financial advisors, remember that you can apply for an extension, provided you do so before the deadline.

  • Filing Period: March 1 – May 1
  • Extension: Available upon request

Tips for Expats

  • Ensure you have all necessary documents ready.
  • Consider consulting a tax advisor for guidance, especially if this is your first time filing taxes in the Netherlands.

Celebrating Easter

Easter Dates to Remember

Easter is a significant celebration in the Netherlands, with several public holidays around it:

  • Good Friday: March 29
  • Easter Sunday: March 31
  • Easter Monday: April 1

What to Expect

  • Supermarkets will stock up on Easter-themed goods such as Easter eggs and banquet food.
  • Though not all Dutch celebrate Easter religiously, those affiliated with the church participate in prayer, palm cross-making, and communal meals.

Observing Ramadan

Key Information

Ramadan, the Islamic period of fasting and reflection, begins on March 10. In the Netherlands, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, facing longer fasting hours than many other countries.

  • Start Date: March 10
  • Iftar Time in Amsterdam: From 4.50 A.M to 8.28 P.M

How to Support

  • If you are not fasting, consider assisting friends or family who are, perhaps by helping prepare Iftar or taking on more physically demanding tasks during the day.

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

When and What

The transition to Daylight Saving Time (DST) marks a change in our daily routines:

  • Date: March 31, at 2 am, which will become 3 am.
  • Impact: Longer evenings but one less hour of sleep that night.

Remember, the clocks will go back on October 27.

  • Keukenhof Gardens Opening

A Floral Spectacle

Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Netherlands. It opens on March 21 and is a must-visit for anyone appreciating the beauty of tulips and other spring flowers.

  • Opening Dates: March 21 – May 12
  • Advice: Plan your visit early, as the park is open for a limited time.

Key Events in March 2024

Tax Filing StartsMarch 1Start of the tax filing period
Ramadan BeginsMarch 10Start of the Islamic fasting period
Keukenhof OpensMarch 21Opening of the Netherlands’ famous tulip garden
Easter WeekendMarch 29 – April 1Public holidays and celebrations
DST StartsMarch 31Clocks go forward one hour

March in the Netherlands is full of activities and responsibilities. Whether it is dealing with taxes, participating in or observing religious festivities, adjusting to daylight saving time, or enjoying the beauty of Keukenhof, there is something for everyone. By staying informed and prepared, expats can fully enjoy what this month offers.

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