Kerstin Casparij and Jill Roord Spearhead Netherlands Squad in the Inaugural UEFA Nations League

Kerstin Casparij and Jill Roord Spearhead the Netherlands Squad in the Inaugural UEFA Nations League

Get the latest scoop on Kerstin Casparij and Jill Roord, the City stars ready to shine in the UEFA Nations League. Stay tuned for action-packed updates!

Hey there, football aficionados! 

Guess what? 

We have exciting news in the football world that you would want to take advantage of.

Our city stars, Kerstin Casparij and Jill Roord are all geared up to paint the town orange — yes, they represent the Netherlands in the first-ever UEFA Nations League.

So, let us get into the nitty-gritty of what is coming up!

What’s This New Tournament About?

First things first, let us talk about this brand-new tournament that’s on the block.

 It is not just about winning matches; it is the golden ticket to the UEFA Euro 2025 qualification and a chance to play at the much-awaited 2024 Paris Olympics

You heard it right; it is like a two-in-one offer where the top two teams will play in both prestigious events. 

How cool is that?

Who Are We Facing?

Next, let us see who our dazzling duo will be against. 

They are landing in Group A1 and are all set to face some heavyweights like England, Belgium, and Scotland

The matches will follow a round-robin format, giving us nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat action as each team fights for that one precious spot leading to the finals next year.

The grand kickoff is against Belgium in Leuven on the evening of Friday, 22 September

We are already biting our nails, aren’t we?

Do not Miss the Action Live

Here is a golden nugget for the home fans — tickets are already up for grabs! 

You can watch the magic unfold live as the team takes on the reigning European champions, England, right at home on Tuesday, 26 September

So hurry up, grab those tickets, and get ready to participate in the thrilling action!

A Look Back at the Glorious Journey

Our power duo is familiar to the big stage; they have shone brightly in this summer’s World Cup, going to the quarter-finals. 

It was a particularly proud moment watching Jill Roord smash records and become the highest-scoring Dutch player in a single Women’s World Cup event.

We are excited to see what she brings to the field this time!

Where to Catch the Latest Updates

For all the fellow fans who like to stay updated minute by minute, keep your eyes glued to and the official Man City app. 

They have covered you with all the latest happenings and updates about our fantastic duo.

Sending Out Big Cheers

Before we wrap up, here is a huge shout-out to Kerstin and Jill for earning their spots in this prestigious lineup. 

We cannot wait to see them steal the show and make us all proud. Let us all rally behind them and shower them with all our support.

So, grab your jerseys, paint your faces orange, and get ready to cheer our stars on as they chase glory one goal at a time. 

It is time to show our spirit and back our champions to victory. 

Let us do this, Netherlands!

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