Unseasonably Warm and Windy New Year's Eve and Day in the Netherlands

Unseasonably Warm and Windy New Year’s Eve and Day in the Netherlands

Netherlands: The country may set a new national record for the warmest New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, with temperatures predicted to reach 15 degrees Celsius on Saturday and 14 degrees on Sunday.

However, there will also be strong winds, with a Code Yellow Weather Warning in effect for some provinces on New Year’s Eve.

The winds will be particularly powerful along the North Sea coast and the IJsselmeer area, with gusts reaching up to 74 km/h in some areas.

There will also be rain sometimes, especially in the central and northern regions.

The winds and rain may cause problems for celebrations. However, despite the inclement weather, temperatures are expected to remain above average for the first week of January.

There is a small chance of drier and colder weather, but it is likely to remain mild with periods of rain.

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