Schiphol reports €77 million loss in 2022 due to capacity problems

Schiphol reports €77 million loss in 2022 due to capacity problems

Schiphol, one of the largest airports in Europe, experienced a loss of €77 million in 2022 due to capacity problems caused by staff shortages. 

The airport had to implement restrictions on departing passengers during the busy summer due to a shortage of security workers. 

As a result, the number of travelers could have been higher, causing a loss of revenue for the airport.

The pandemic made it even more challenging to handle large crowds, resulting in long lines and canceled or missed flights.

Although the airport recorded 83% more turnover than the previous year, the loss from ordinary operations amounted to €28 million in 2022. 

Schiphol’s interim CEO, Ruud Sondag, acknowledged that 2022 was a bad year for the airport, but the company is committed to performing better in the future. 

Schiphol is implementing structural improvements to ensure better service in the coming years.

The recovery of the aviation sector depends on the development of Covid-19 and the Dutch government’s announcement to reduce the number of flight movements at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to 440,000 from November 2024. 

To cope with the current staff shortages, the airport wants to limit the number of departing passengers again up to and including mid-May. 

According to sources in the aviation world, the airport may even cut 10% of departing passengers.

Schiphol hopes to overcome the capacity problems by recruiting more staff and implementing improvements to the system. 

The airport is looking forward to the recovery of the aviation sector and the return of travel demand.

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