Netherlands Retail Vacancy Rates Reach 10-Year Low

Netherlands Retail Vacancy Rates Reach 10-Year Low

Retail vacancy rates in the Netherlands hit a 10-year low at the end of last year, with just 6% of properties remaining empty, according to market researcher Locations. 

The decline has been attributed to the conversion of many retail spaces into homes and a fall in the number of shops nationwide. 

However, there are signs of a revival in certain sectors, with jewelers, cookery shops, and businesses specializing in stamps and coins all seeing a boost in trade. 

There has also been a slight increase in toy shops, which hit a low of 600 in 2004. 

“At some point, equilibrium will emerge between the internet and the ‘old fashioned’ physical and physical shops will do better,” said Locatus director Gertjan Slob.

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