Kevin Spacey Optimistic About Resuming Career Following Potential Acquittal

Kevin Spacey Optimistic About Resuming Career Following Potential Acquittal

Kevin Spacey expresses hope for career revival after potential acquittal in London trial—his first major interview since facing multiple sex crime allegations.

In his first major interview since facing multiple sex crime allegations, Kevin Spacey expresses confidence in returning to Hollywood if he is acquitted in London. 

The 63-year-old actor, whose career has been marred by scandal, acknowledges that his reputation may never fully recover. 

However, he believes that directors and producers are eager to collaborate with him again.

Facing the Consequences

Speaking to the German publication ZEITmagazin, Spacey shares his thoughts on the obstacles he faces in resurrecting his career. 

He acknowledges that many individuals fear professional repercussions if they work with him. 

However, he believes an acquittal in his upcoming London trial could embolden those willing to take a chance on him. 

The actor predicts that with time, the impact of the accusations against him will diminish significantly.

Acknowledging Past Mistakes

During the interview, Spacey reflects on his behavior and expresses remorse for his past actions. 

He admits to being an “asshole” in the past and emphasizes his desire to become a better person moving forward. 

The actor, however, avoids addressing specific questions related to the ongoing legal case and its impact on his personal life.

No Need for a Battle

Spacey asserts that he is not compelled to prove his innocence, as it would be fruitless. 

He recognizes there is no point in expending energy on a futile fight against something lacking worth or merit.

The actor is set to appear in a London court in two weeks, facing twelve charges of sexual offenses allegedly committed between 2001 and 2013, and this period coincided with his tenure as the artistic director of London’s renowned Old Vic theater. 

Notably, Spacey was previously acquitted in a case brought against him by Anthony Rapp, who claimed to have been sexually approached by Spacey when he was only fourteen years old. 

The jury did not find sufficient evidence to support Rapp’s accusations, resulting in Spacey’s acquittal.

Hope for a Resurgence

Despite the setbacks caused by the allegations, Spacey has gradually resumed his acting career. 

He recently appeared in the drama film “The Man Who Drew God” and provided his voice for the independent film “Control.” 

While he lost significant roles in Hollywood productions such as “House of Cards” due to the controversy, the actor remains optimistic about his ability to rebuild his career.

A Future Uncertain

As Kevin Spacey awaits his upcoming trial, the entertainment industry watches anxiously, curious about the outcome and its potential ramifications for his professional future. 

Whether he can restore his standing in Hollywood remains uncertain, but the actor remains hopeful for redemption.


Kevin Spacey remains resolute in his belief that an acquittal in his London trial will open doors to a resurgence in his career. 

While acknowledging the irreparable damage done to his reputation, the actor emphasizes the importance of his body of work and its lasting impact on people’s memories. 

As the legal proceedings unfold, the entertainment world eagerly awaits the verdict and ponders the potential for a Kevin Spacey comeback.

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