Court Grants Rachel Hazes' Request Roxeanne and Former Business Partners to Testify

Court Grants Rachel Hazes’ Request: Roxeanne and Former Business Partners to Testify

Get the latest on Rachel Hazes’ legal case as the court seeks testimonies from Roxeanne and former partners about alleged financial mismanagement and missing funds.

In a notable decision by the Amsterdam Court, Rachel Hazes’ appeal to have her daughter, Roxeanne, along with former business partners Marieke van Beek and Rob Israël, testify before a judge has been approved. 

The court’s decision marks a pivotal shift from an earlier judgment that largely dismissed Hazes’ request.

Conflict Over Financial Authorizations

Several years ago, Rachel Hazes went through a period of mental turmoil. During this difficult time, she granted authority to her daughter and then-business associates, Van Beek and Israël. 

From 2016 to early 2018, this arrangement allowed them to make financial decisions on her behalf.

However, Hazes contends that she needed to be more adequately informed about the financial decisions made by her appointed overseers during this period. 

She alleges that this power was misused, with thousands of euros mysteriously disappearing.

Searching for Missing Funds

The court has decided to hear the trio under oath to unravel the mystery of the vanished funds. 

Through their testimonies, the court hopes to shed light on the financial discrepancies and alleged misuse of authority that Hazes has pointed out.

Roxeanne’s Stance on the Court Proceedings

Roxeanne has publicly expressed her reluctance to participate in the court’s decision today, arguing that it unnecessarily burdens the legal system.

“I refuse to engage further and give more attention to this,” she stated. The actual date when the case will be reopened remains uncertain.

This legal proceeding promises to be crucial, aiming to clarify the suspicions of financial mismanagement and uncover the truth behind the lost funds during Hazes’ period of distress.

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