Play'n GO Launches Popular Game Dutch Flip Across the Netherlands

Play’n GO Launches Popular Game Dutch Flip Across the Netherlands

Play’n GO’s Dutch Flip: Immerse in Dutch culture with a game featuring iconic landmarks and symbols, now available in the Netherlands.

Swedish Gaming Giant Expands Market Presence

Play’n GO, a renowned name in the gaming industry, has made a significant move by introducing its popular game, Dutch Flip, to the entire Netherlands market. 

This move follows a year after the game’s exclusive release to a single operator in the country.

A Game Celebrating Dutch Culture

Dutch Flip is not just any game; it is a cultural celebration. 

The game is filled with features that highlight iconic Dutch landmarks and symbols, making it a unique experience that resonates with the essence of Holland. 

This special focus on local culture makes Dutch Flip stand out in gaming.

Available to All Licensed Operators

Starting today, Dutch Flip will be accessible to all licensed gaming operators in the Netherlands. 

This wider availability significantly expands Play’n GO’s footprint in the Dutch gaming market.

Giovanni Ferraro’s Take on the Release

Giovanni Ferraro, Head of Regional Sales Western and Central Europe at Play’n GO, expressed excitement about the game’s release. 

“The Dutch market is very important to Play’n GO,” he said.

Ferraro emphasized the game’s potential to become a classic, noting that its design deeply incorporates Dutch culture.

Commitment to the Dutch Market

Play’n GO’s commitment to the Dutch market is evident in this strategic move. 

Ferraro assures that Dutch Flip will play a crucial role in the company’s success in the Netherlands in the years to come.

Widespread Popularity of Play’n GO Games

Play’n GO’s games have a global appeal, with more than one million players engaging with their games daily. 

The release of Dutch Flip in the Netherlands is expected to enhance the company’s reputation further and reach.


In summary, Play’n GO’s latest strategic move to release Dutch Flip across the entire Dutch market signifies its commitment to cultural resonance in game design and marks a significant step in its expansion in the European gaming industry.

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